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MUXWAVE Holographic Invisible Screen&InfoComm USA 2023,Embrace the era of invisible indoor LED commercial displays!

Release time:2023 / 06 / 06

The 2023 US InfoComm Audio-visual Display and System Integration Exhibition held by InfoComm International, as the world's top and most influential audio-visual integration equipment technology exhibition, will be held in Orlando from June 14 to 16, 2023.

This exhibition MUXWAVE will bring the world's leading Holographic Invisible Screen debut, independent research and development products truly achieve the coexistence of display and transparency, no keel installation, can achieve large area seamless docking, is one of the key products in this exhibition. Products are widely used in digital exhibition, commercial stores, dance performance, creative display and other fields.

At the same time of the exhibition, MUXWAVE will also exhibit other products, waiting for your arrival.