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MUXWAVE China Science Fiction Convention 2023,Digital characters lit up the scene AR

Release time:2023 / 05 / 30


On May 29, the "2023 China Science Fiction Conference" co-sponsored by the China Association for Science and Technology and the Beijing Municipal People's Government opened in Beijing. As one of the important activities of the Zhongguancun Forum, the event extensively invited important experts in the fields of science fiction creation, film and television, technology and other fields at home and abroad to jointly discuss the strategic direction of enhancing the endogenous momentum of China's science fiction development.

In the meta-universe gradually from the concept of the continuous landing of the present, virtual characters have broken through the past relatively limited application scenarios, is becoming a new productivity tool. China Science Fiction Congress image Ambassador "Magic" and MUXWAVE Holographic Invisible Screen worked together to bring a 3D magic effect presided over the unveiling, allowing the audience to witness its excellent product performance.

MUXWAVE Holographic Invisible Screen(vlog)

Open the science fiction metauniverse Screen, Holographic Invisible Screen ultra-thin, high-definition, high brightness, high penetration and other features, when playing holographic video or 3D video, the human eye will naturally three-dimensional integration of the scene behind the screen and the screen in the screen, forming a strong three-dimensional suspension sense. Allow the audience to experience the brilliance and charm of invisible display applications in a multi-dimensional and immersive manner.


On the opening night, the whole country focused, the social response of the whole event continued to rise, and the mainstream media such as central media rushed to report, and the strength "attracted attention" and the heat did not decrease. With the theme of "Scientific Dreams, Creating the Future", the conference held more than 40 activities in four aspects, including special forums, science fiction exhibitions, science fiction activities and science fiction carnivals.



MUXWAVE Holographic Invisible Screen,is the first product solution in the industry that can simultaneously meet large area, full screen transparent invisibility, high definition and bright image quality, and can achieve diversified display and personalized customization functions; It supports both traditional video and the ultimate 3D presentation ability. It can be bent and clipped, and firmly adsorbed on transparent glass to meet the needs of different Spaces and achieve a full range of promotional product effects.


01/Digital presentation

Government and enterprise exhibition halls are important scenes for disseminating corporate cultural knowledge, and holographic invisible screens can be customized to display high-tech effects.

02/Flagship store, marketing service center

The effective combination of the modern art beauty of Holographic Invisible Screen and the shopping mall environment is that shopping malls, glass partitions, etc., have a wide range of application prospects. Richer and more vivid video advertising products, so that the store cool extreme, attract attention.

03/Activities, performances, theater

Holographic Invisible Screen can be diversified according to the stage shape, the use of the screen itself transparent, thin and light characteristics, so that the depth of field of the entire picture is longer, to the stage render a certain atmosphere and dynamic, more able to express the theme.


The effective combination of the modern artistic beauty of the Holographic Invisible Screen and the shopping mall environment, the digital signage industry represented by retail has expanded rapidly, and is increasingly popular in the fields of building facades, glass window decoration, interior decoration and so on.


This appearance at the China Science Fiction Conference not only shows the technical strength and innovation ability of MUXWAVE Holographic Invisible Screen in LED products and multi-industry solutions, but also creates more opportunities to promote the development of the brand. I believe that the future market demand for holographic invisible screen will continue to increase. Will usher in more and more broad market prospects, the future can be expected.