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"Shenzhen Story" boosts China's diplomacy,MUXWAVE Holographic Invisible Screen shows Shenzhen's scientific and technological strength

Release time:2023 / 06 / 25


On the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival on June 21, the Shenzhen Story, co￾sponsored by the Beijing Diplomatic Service Bureau and the Publicity Department of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee, was brilliantly performed in Beijing. Nearly 200 Chinese and foreign guests from 29 diplomatic envoys and media representatives in China immersed themselves in the "beauty of China" and felt the charm of traditional Chinese culture and Chinese-style modern Shenzhen chapter. Jointly witness the launch of the "Shenzhen Story" cultural exchanges and mutual learning.



This activity HUAWEI, BYD, UBTECH, MUXWAVE and other more than 20 well￾known brands in Shenzhen participated in the exhibition, combined with the application scene of Shenzhen products, to tell the "Shenzhen story" and show the "six beauty" of Pengcheng (" the beauty of the national style ", "the beauty of science and technology", "the beauty of fashion", "the beauty of mountains and seas", "the beauty of the city" and "the beauty of the tip of the tongue”).

The MUXWAVE Holographic Invisible Screen injected "the beauty of science and technology" into the event, and the transparent shape and gorgeous visual presentation were praised by the on-site guests, providing a medium and form for the "urban civilization communication plan”.





Shenzhen is the "first industrial city" and the place with the strongest atmosphere of scientific and technological innovation. Science and technology are deeply reshaping human civilization and providing new media and forms for cultural expression. Therefore, science and technology will inevitably become the super lever for Shenzhen to leverage the cultural industry.