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In Infocomm China 2023 Beijing, MUXWAVE Holographic Invisible Screen unveils new product: Model 2

Release time:2023 / 07 / 22

July 19-21

InfoComm China 2023

The National Convention Center is held in Beijing

MUXWAVE Holographic Invisible Screen:M2

Partners all over the world

Discuss the future development of display field together

To embrace the era of invisible indoor LED commercial displays!


As a display terminal of information intelligent interaction, LED display plays a decisive roleon the road of display. In order to further exert the technical strength of the enterprise, MUXWAVE focuses on the industry's new technology, brings higher definition display,transparent and invisible display products, and elevates the LED display technology to a newheight.


Technology first innovation vision

HD display coexists with transparent invisibility

MUXWAVE Holographic Invisible Screen, as the industry's first high-quality, truly invisibleLED indoor display product, is promoting the rapid development of the industry. "Naked eye3D" realistic and delicate display effect, accurate and extreme color control, full-screen frameless structure, truly make high-definition display and transparent invisible coexist.


As the bearer of MUXWAVE holographic technology, M2 takes over the existing products andpresents a strong product force to the market. Let the commercial display products break through the display imagination boundary to achieve more innovative gameplay!

160,000 pixels per square meter, TV-quality invisible screen

2.5mm pitch, transparent display within 2-meter viewing distance

Transparency rate 95%, fully invisible with no structure

Immersive floating imagery, naked-eye AR commercial display experience

MUXWAVE Holographic Invisible Screen in the government, enterprise exhibition hall, retail, commercial, media and other scenes, and even digital culture, stage and other fields, leading the indoor display field to the "invisible era"!

Ready for the future

To embrace the era of invisible indoor LED commercial displays!

As a high-tech enterprise in the field of LED indoor display, MUXWAVE has the best solution for display terminals through continuous technological innovation and development layout to meet the emerging new needs of thousands of industries, improve the flexibility and competitiveness required for development, and calmly cope with the market evolution of the digital era.


The exhibition has come to a successful end, MUXWAVE will continue to consolidate the technical strength, broaden the display application boundary, and fully explore the global development opportunities of LED display.