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MUXWAVE participated in the Developing Countries docking Exchange to explore the potential of China-Africa industrial cooperation!

Release time:2023 / 07 / 27


On July 27, Shenzhen Industry Meeting Room - "I help enterprises find the market" industrialdocking exchange meeting of developing countries was held on the 3rd floor of the city's Industrial Exhibition Hall. The exchange was co-sponsored by Shenzhen Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Shenzhen Service Bureau for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Shenzhen Radio, Film and Television Group.


This exchange will introduce Shenzhen's industrial development, outstanding enterprises and their products in detail. Promote "face to face" in-depth communication between exhibitors and overseas markets, help exhibitors do promotion, expand the market, and promote resource docking and exchange and cooperation.


MUXWAVE was invited to participate as the representative of the 24th "High-Tech Fair" excellent innovative enterprises, and introduced the holographic invisible screen in detail to officials of the African Union, Peru and other countries through this exchange meeting.


Under the tide of globalization, we need to tap the potential of China-Africa industrial cooperation. Contribute to the high-quality development of Shenzhen's economy, and look forward to these innovative technologies to bring more changes to our lives!