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Open sharing, win-win cooperation -- MUXWAVE holographic invisible screen to help Shenzhen major trading platform promotion.

Release time:2023 / 07 / 27


On July 27, the third stop of Shenzhen's major trading platform promotion conference was held in Shanghai. The promotion will be held in the form of "one main event + five parallel events".

At the meeting, five major trading platforms in Shenzhen were unveiled, and through the establishment of a two-way exchange mechanism, the interconnection bridge was built, the market-oriented allocation of resources was strengthened, and the construction of a unified national large market was promoted.



MUXWAVE participated as a representative of innovative companies in the field of business display. The innovative visual carrier of transparent HD and augmented reality display "holographic invisible screen" provides the ultimate visual enjoyment for on-site guests and media.

This event attracts representatives of key enterprises and professional institutions to gather here, hoping to further deepen the exchange and cooperation between Shenzhen and Shanghai, make better use of both domestic and international markets and resources, achieve new development and bring new opportunities.

* Note some content source: Shenzhen TV