M6 glass mounting

Glass window show

Glass window show

Mounting on glass

Mounting on glass

Mounting on glass

Mounting on glass

Mounting on glass

Ultra-clear ultra-thin, up to 80% transparency

Mounting on glass

It's a game-changer in the industry, without structural skeleton in the middle of the screen, which provides high visual transparency at 90% when glued onto a glass wall.
Professional aesthetic design, thin and beautiful.
Display body products. The weight is only 6KG/square meter.
Standard modules can be bent, cut, and used flexibly.
The best partner for curved glass and special-shaped screen.
Screen thickness is less than 2MM, which can be seamless surface mount.
Mounted on transparent glass.

Holographic LED Screen Features

  • Independent research and development of driver IC

    Self-developed driver IC, 16 bit gray level, high refresh rate. Independent core technology, any bad spot does not affect other lamp beads.

    Easy maintenance, no need to return to the factory, simple training can be on site maintenance.

  • Embedded design, light drive in one

    Embedded design, light drive in one, single point single control, each LED lamp bead is the "power source". Make the control more accurate, more uniform heat dissipation.

    Micron light source, with transparency, high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, low power consumption.

  • Have independent intellectual property rights

    With independent intellectual property rights, has obtained dozens of patents authorized.

    The products meet the requirements of domestic and foreign industry standards, has obtained CCC, CE, FCC, ROHS, flame retardant test and other certification certificates.

Product Form

Glue on Glass

The product is lightweight and easy to install for stage performance, door curtains show and other advertising scenes.

  • The product carrier is transparent glass
  • No need to remove the original trim
  • Can be installed according to the actual environment
  • When playing the video, it looks like a flower in the mirror

Specification Parameters

model MXW-M6
Pixel Pitch (mm) P6.25/P6.25
Visual Transparency 90%
Pixel Density (dot / m²) 25600
Cabinet Size (mm) 1000x400 \ 1200x400 \ 1500x400
Cabinet Resolution(dot) 160x64 \ 192x64 \ 240x64
Brightness ≥ 3500 (cd/ m²)
Weight (Kg / ㎡) 5
Package Form Light driver integrated package
Scan Mode Single point single control, static drive
LED Lifespan ≥ 100,000.00 hours
Grayscale 65536
Maximum Power Consumption (w / m²) 800
Average Power Consumption (w / m²) 200
LED Controller Synchronous/Asynchronous
Input Current AC100~240V 50/60 Hz
Module Working Current DC 4.2V ± 0.2V
The parameters are for reference only and the actual values may vary.

Application Cases


Integrated quotient super scenario

No structure dragon skeleton, truly transparent

Curtain wall type

Reshape your shopping experience

Science and Technology Exhibition Hall

Screen body can be left and right, up and down to spell;

Display height or width of 2.4-3 meters can be achieved